interviews: Blasphemy



Hey Förster! Hope you had a great time at Wacken? Did you only visited the festival here in germany?


I was only able to attend the Wacken Festival this year mainly due to lack of $�$�. Most of the bands on the bill were worthless. I only watched a couple of the bands. Most of my time was spent drinking German beer and partaking in terror and debauchery with my old goatbrothers from DENIAL of GOD and a few maniacs from Australia and of course some European contacts...

Necromaniac: Ok man you know we want to talk a little bit about your past and current crimes like Blasphemy and Conqueror for instance. In summer 2000 a rumour started to spread the worldwide underground, that Blasphemy started again to attack the world with the incarnation of Warmetal! Who had the idea to reform Blasphemy? Was it your idea? You moved to Vancouver and I am sure you knowed Black Winds & co since years?
Blasphemy: I knew the BLASPHEMY Doom Division long before I moved to Vancouver. Things just seemed to fall into place for a reformation when I arrived in town. I was practicing with the band one week after relocating here.

Can you remember where and in which situation you guys had the idea to came back with Blasphemy?


It wasn't like a discussion or anything. I just happened to arrive at the right time when The Desecraters felt possessed enough to pick up the bullet straps again and assault humanity with their violent death hymns...

Necromaniac: The first official new livesign was the legendary gig at Friday, july 13, 2001 with Black Witchery! That was the first gig since years. How did you prepared this gig and what was it for a feeling to share the stage with Blasphemy? I think it was your first gig with them?
Blasphemy: The Friday the 13th Live Ritual was actually our 3rd show since the reformation. BLACK WITCHERY was up here in July 2000ce for our return, they weren't here for the Friday the 13th assault. We did 4 shows with this line-up: July 2000ce, August 2000ce, July 2001ce and August 2001ce. The first and last shows were with BLACK WITCHERY. Sharing the stage with BLASPHEMY (my all time favorite band) is beyond words to describe...
Necromaniac: I heard that the Police in Vancouver got an eye on Blasphemy? Was there any problems during that show?
Blasphemy: The police actually left us alone for all of the shows. The violence was kept to a minimum since most of the Vancouver Metal populations nowadays are total wimps!!!
Necromaniac: Shortly after this gig the first official release in Form of the "Live Ritual" Bootleg through Nuclear War Now! Records came out. Who had the idea to release this album?
Blasphemy: The Nuclear Insulter from NWN Productions was up here to witness that show and he happened to get a decent sounding recording of the event. It was his idea to put it together as a deluxe LP and we gave him the permission to do so.

In summer 2001 happened a lot for Blasphemy. After the "Live Ritual" LP and second and I think none official Bootleg called "Return of the Hooded Demons came out. It´s a die hard rehearsal from august 29 th 2001. Did you allowed this bootleg? I heard some rumours that Atzer from Horror Records did this bootleg? Any comments?


The "Return of the Hooded Demons" LP was an unauthorized bootleg. At least we were provided with a fair amount of copies so we are OK with it. It's when we don't get copies of bootlegs that we get angry. Fuck off to No Colours for printing bootleg t-shirts and not sending any to us!

Necromaniac: Unfortunately was this release also more or less the last lifesign, apart from the third Bootleg CD "The Final Armaggedon" with your unedit MLP from 1990 and some livesongs in dutch through the 1993 er tour. What happen the last time, mean the world was realy euphoric to hear a new album but we are still waiting. I heard Blasphemy lost their drummer? Why did he left the Band? And is there no chance to get a new drummer, for my part a session drummer?
Blasphemy: "The Final Armageddon" is one of the worst releases ever! There was NEVER an unreleased BLASPHEMY Mini-LP and most of those intros/outros were made up by someone other than the band. I heard that pile of shit once and I think I heard ACHERON (USA) intros on it (??!?!!??). Then there's some live clips from the worst era of BLASPHEMY: the Necrosleezer/non-Black Winds days...

Now it′s looks like that Blasphemy is putting on ice for a while. Is there a chance to beat Black Winds lazy ass, take a drummer and record a album in a few days? What is the main reason for stopping? I am sure tons of label would release it! By the way how many offers from labels you get between 2000 and 2003?


There′s always label interest. 3 Black Hearts is around in our circle once again but I don′t know if this means there could be a possible BLASPHEMY reformation...?

Necromaniac: Ok Mr. Death Lord a few words about Conqueror! Read is doing now Axis of Advance and Revenge. Did you buried Conqueror?
Blasphemy: J. Read and I decided to end CONQUEROR a few years ago. I am still satisfied with the "War Cult Supremacy" album. Fifth Division out of Canada recently issued a CONQUEROR discography CD entitled "Hammer of Antichrist -History of Annihilation" that includes the full-length and demo as well as a couple of other rare assaults we recorded.
Necromaniac: I read some years ago that you would reform your old Band Domini Inferi? Is this idea still topical?
Blasphemy: It is a real possibility. It will take some time for me to get everything organized though so I have nothing really to say about it at this time.
Necromaniac: Last month I bought the Witcheshammer LP. It�s the first? Band from Traditionel Sodomizer of Godess of Perversity from 1986 I think. You did some layouts or scripts for that LP? By the way the Lp looks killer!!
Blasphemy: "Yes, WITCHES HAMMER was the first serious band of the Traditional Sodomizer. Total Thrash Metal Holocaust that was on par with the other bands of that era! In fact, in the early days, BLASPHEMY was opening up for WITCHES HAMMER at live shows!!! NWN recently released 2 of the demos onto LP and anyone into killer Speed Metal MUST get a copy for their collection! I was fortunate enough to be able to contribute to this release in a small way by etching the Death-Scriptures on the LP jacket. Yet another high quality release on NWN!!!"
Necromaniac: Back to some Blasphemy gossipJ Black Winds or Caller of the Storms had to left Canada in 1993 or 94, cause he should do some strange things with a corpse. Martin (ex. Blood/Dawn) was asked if he can stay in germany, but this didnt happen and he goes to Danemark for a while. Is the story true with the corpse? Do you know where he stayed in Danemark?
Blasphemy: That was Black Winds!! It's true that he had to leave Canada to avoid imprisonment but I can't say anything more. He ended up in Copenhagen for a while...That's interesting that people heard about this. If he wasn't able to get out of Canada then, he probably would still be in prison today!
Necromaniac: Blasphemy was and still is always good for some sick rumours. There were some real sick and funny rumours like dealing with kidpornos, drugdealing, outrages, copkilling ect. How many years jail are Blasphemy togetherJ?
Blasphemy: We have NOTHING to do with child pornography. I can't deny the other accusations but there was no cop killing. Only cop beatings. There are quite a few years in jail added up between all of the BLASPHEMY members past and present. Luckily I only had a few days in the slammer, unlike the other guys that had months and years!

Looking back there where some nice projects which the members got like Tumult (grindproject) or mighty Necrosleezer (brilliant demo). I know it´s not your buisness to talk about very old shit, but maybe can you tell me a little bit more about current projects? I heard something about a new Band with one Abuse guy and a Blasphemy member?


There was a pornogrind project with the Bestial Saviour and a member of ABUSE but that is long dead. I think that the Sodomizer has a project with an old WITCHES HAMMER member but I'm not sure what it's like since I haven't heard anything yet. Otherwise the rest of the members aren't doing anything currently.

Necromaniac: Ryan you are some years younger than the rest of Blasphemy. I think we are more or less the same age ( end of twenty). Can you remember when did you came in contact with extreme metal and "underground" stuff?
Blasphemy: I was quite young when I started to listen to Metal. I started to get into underground mailorder/tape trading in 1990ce. The local record stores just couldn't satisfy my thirst for Metal so I had to take it upon myself to order from bands/labels directly.
Necromaniac: OK Ryan that's all first! Thanx a lot for wasteing your time and I still hope to get sooner or later a new Blasphemy release! HAIL DEATH METAL!
Blasphemy: WAR COMMAND!!!!!!!!