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Hey OffalConsumer! What´s up in Canada? Prepareing for the War with USA? :-) By the way where are you living in Canada?


What’s up in Canada? Let’s see, snow, ice, frost, beer, the BEST weed, binoculars and Kindergarten school windows! First thing Swinehounde (excuse my poor german), I am an American! In fact, all canadians are americans. There has been a special US government project to assimilate canada through forced breeding since the 60s. Most REAL Canadians now reside in Worker/Death Camps in and around Quebec. ABUSE stalks the streets and department stores of a clean and canadian free VANCOUVER,British Columbia. Home of the busiest pig farmers. Oink, Oink. Actually we’re two canucks, a czech and me, the american.

Necromaniac: Only a few sick minds here in germany noticed your first full album " Like a Virgin", I know it´s fucking boring but please feel so free and introduce yourselfs and how did you found together? How long Abuse exist?
Abuse: Abuse has been around since the dawn of time man. Early man broke early bitch’s nose for not cooking supper and ravaged and raped when and where he or his tribe felt fit! Our band…has also been around since the dawn of time. 1999. Our chocolate coated drummer, BitchSlapper,BassCuntFisherman Misternasty and the Invincible (and Unstable) Big Pimp on guits. I met them in a police line-up (in which we were ALL indicted!). While they were “breaking me in”, they noticed my gutteral grunts and high bitchlike screams. After nearly 88 hours of a absolutly terrifying/gratifing initiation, I was aloud “INSIDE” the band. I STILL walk funny to this day.
Necromaniac: i heard only from your 5 track Demo "Shit" that you released before. The songs are also on the album. What was the reason to put them again on the full album? Better sound? Did you recorded something serious before the Demo?
Abuse: Shit Demo was shit, but people wanted it because you are all impatient and cheap pieces of shit!!!!!! Can’t you tell the difference between the sound quality of “Shit” and “Virgin”? Got saurkraut in your ears you pole?! Everybody in Abuse has Gigantic COCKS!!!!!!
Necromaniac: By the way did you know the Louisiana Band Abuse? Do you think its a problem to share the Name with a second Death Metal Band?
Abuse: I’ve heard they have medium sized cocks! OOOOOOOOO, impressive. Our dicks look augmented they’re so Bizarre. Sickeningly large. Like albino anacondas! Like engorged Kielbasa. So I can’t see any problem with them. Band names aren’t really important anyway. The name is just a front for the tunes. There’s a Disgorge in Cali that fucking rules! And a pretty good Mexican band with the same name. The fans like to be Abused, wherever they are. It’s all about how big the dicks are. And dead whores count!
Necromaniac: Lets talk a few words about your lyrics. Hey man whats your problem with females? Shit man who was responsable for this sick shit! The lyrics are the sickest i read since Devourment or Retch lyrics! You want to talk about your problem? What do you think who is the first in the band which enter the jail for a rape? Or was someone already in jail? I think your drummer looks like a former jailbird! He was the guy i heard from in the news that he raped defenceless and weak young gays in the canadian gayscene the last 5 years. He attract them with choclate in a dark corner and then he......
Abuse: I love my Mom. I wrote all the lyrics. Naked. The guys in Devourment have been in contact with me a bunch and we were ‘sposed to be on the same label as Retch but I can’t comment on they’re sickness. Though Molesting the Decapitated rules! I have a problem with cigarette burns and razor wire Cockrings, and lemon juice broken glass lube (on and in me anyway!). My biggest problems are bitches that don’t struggle and the cost of “Super-Viagra” is going through the roof. It’s fucking killing the monster-cocked! Actually, you can be the first to know that our bass player Mister Nasty has recently been incarcerated for a violent, terrible offence. However, in what can only be described as “the irony of fate”, on the same day Randy went to jail, Mister Fister was released after completing his sentence… FOR THE SAME OFFENCE!!! So Officially, ABUSE has a new bass player. As far as the whole Drummer, chocolate story you want me to tell… You’re kinda weird buddy.
Necromaniac: As we just talk about jail i think its fit to talk a few word of my canadian faves BLASPHEMY!!!haha arghh what do you think about their reunioun? Do you think they will release a new album sooner or later? I am sure you know these old jailbirds good!? You played a show togther with them this year right? I love them they are something special!
Abuse: Blasphemy are the Gods of War. Period. Some of the Only REAL Black metal ever!!! Along side possessed and slayer, paved the way for all true evil metal bands!!! Those guys have done tons for us and it’s a fucking privilege just to have them at our shows and jams. Bestial Savior (Bass) has done a lot for Abuse and even helped get Abuse across the border before!!! As well, Big Pimp, Bitch Slapper and Bestial Savior have a side-project together called SIKFUK that recorded a long time before Like A Virgin or the New Live Blasphemy album, but hasn’t received the attention it deserves yet. People remember to check out Sik-Fuk on the net or anywhere, totally worth it. As far as you thinking they’re special… that’s pretty fucking gay man. Did you say that you love them? What?
Necromaniac: In any case i think the canadian scene is something special. the most canadian Bands did their own thing and they have something special! the most canadian bands have something unique in their songwriting compared specially to the USA scene . What do you think?
Abuse: Dude, stop saying shit is “Special”! It’s a little flimsy too wristed a word for me to feel comfortable around. As a death metal god, I have to say that sodomy on me is wrong… but special. Like I said, I am american so give the yankees a fucking break OK. Most americans are fucking great people who would give you the shirt off their back if you asked. They mouths unfortunatly are as big as they’re hearts so they come off arrogant. But back off, the world should appreciate the US at least as much as they hate us. The scene down there is great, especially Texas, Ohio & California. The east coast is cool too but we haven’t been out there yet. The difference between the music is mostly speed and technicality. Bands here hypergrind and (with the exception of Devourment and Malicious Hate) bands in the States just blast. Canada has a shit scene for metalheads. Some great bands like our buddies Cryptopsy, Thorazine, Blasphemy, Zuckuss, Myopia, Golers, Martyr, Spread Eagle, Allfather, Godless North, hurt., Gorguts etc… and nobody to listen. The country is WAY too big and there’s barely any people to play for on the west coast which is FAR away from Montreal and Toronto the other big cities here.
Necromaniac: What can you tell me about your label?
Abuse: MisterNasty was in negotiations for us with Unmatched Brutality and the Brodequin guys when he was arrested and now I’m not sure what’s up. We are currently looking to licence “like a Virgin” around the globe so interested serious labels should contact us but the album itself was Produced and recorded by us so it is still a self-released TRUE UNDERGROUND metal album. Did I mention how HUGE our cocks are?
Necromaniac: you played already a lot of shows with Cannibal Corpse, Exhumed, Nevermore!, Destruction, Kreator, Blasphemy!!!arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh , Cryptopsy.... Here in germany is it impossible to open as Death/Grind Newcomer Band for a Band like Nevermore or "bigger" Death Metal Bands, cause to do a local support at a european tour you have to pay alot! Is this different in Canada or USA?
Abuse: ABUSE doesn’t pay to play! That would never happen in North America! Except the big festivals in the east like Milwaukee. When the promoters are going over who gives the crowd the best show it seems they choose us quite a lot. Our pals in JUST CAUSE were fucking pissed the night the Pimp took apart one audience member with a 20Kg rotten halibut’s skeleton while I played guitar on “She Really Meant Yes”. I think Gene Hoglan actually cried, or vomited. And another night an audience member attacked me with a tricycle for making fun of a little girl that got killed here. First Bitch Slapper Got him then the whole bar kicked his ass! I was drunk and didn’t really know what was happening it was so surreal.
Necromaniac: What did you planned next with Abuse? Did you written any new Songs? What can i expect from you in the near future?
Abuse: Big Pimp is Currently writing the material for our next CD. A couple of the titles for the new album are “Stab, Rip, Penetrate, Release, Repeat” and “She Never Knew What Hit Her”. Pimp is concentrating on pummeling, speed based riffs and Sluury Beef Chug as opposed to the Mosh style feeling of the first album. Fury and Precision. Traits of a guy with a HUGE COCK. Slapper and Fister are learning the stuff and I’m contemplating the lyrics as I type.

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