Issue 8

Issue 8 64 pages written in english

Interviews: Anatomia, Archgoat, Necros Christos, Morbosidad, Cannabis Corpse, Dead Congregation, Headhunter D.C., Dethroned, Braindrill, Drowned, Hacavitz, Nerlich, Lobotomized, PÄR Olofsson Coverartist, Proclamation, Daniel Ekeroth, Vore, Guttural Secrete

Poster: Archgoat, Repulsion

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Issue 7

Issue 7 64 Pages written in english

Interviews: Anal Vomit, Coffins, Extreme Violence, From Beyond Label Report, Funerus, Impiety, Infected Malignity, Juanjo Castellano Coverartist, Kaamos, Machetazo, Melektaus, Necrovation, Sanctifier, Scent of Death, Vulcano

Poster: Immolation/Morbosidad

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Issue 666

Issue 666 76 pages on high glossy paper, 4 coloured cover, written in german

Interviews: Suffocation, Decrepit Birth, Goat Semen, Deeds of Flesh, Blasphemy, Crucifire, Drawn and Quartered, Equinox, Goretrade,Macabre, Reign of Terror, Saprogenic, Slugathor, Toxic Holocaust, Soundcheck mit dem Unholy Terror Zine...

Poster: Blasphemy, Devourment, Necrovore, Decrepit Birth

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Issue 5

Issue 5 96 pages on high glossy paper, 4 coloured cover, written in german

Interviews: Abuse( can),Bestial Mockery, Black Witchery, Birdflesh, Coffin Texts, Desecration of the Virgin , Destruktor, Dislimb(US), Despised Icon, Fate, Funebrarum, Grave Desecrator(Bra), Immolation, Kris Verwimp, Kult of Azazel, Lord Gore, Lust of Decay(Us), Malevolent Creation, Manticore, Occult, Rottrevore(RIP), Sadistic Intent, THE CHASM, Vital Remains

Poster: VITAL REMAINS, Sadistic Intent

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Issue 4

Issue 4 84 pages on high-glossy paper, 4 coloured Cover, written in german

Interviews: Autopsy Torment, Rottenness(mex), Disavowed, Possessed, Demigod, Cadaverizer, Vomitor, Studio Sho (Jap. Coverartist), Goratory(US), Lividity, Profanatica, Gorerotted, Drowning, Human Mincer, Incantation, Internal Suffering, AKCB, Morbosidad(mex), Pentagram(Chile), Repugnant, Severe Torture, Spawn of Possession


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Issue 3

Issue 3 76 pages on high-glossy paper, 4 coloured Cover, written in german

Interviews: Bolt Thrower, Acheron, Blood Duster, Abominator, Blood, Blasphemy, NECROVORE, Despondency(GER), Headhunter D.C., Disinter, Infernal Dominion, Ancient Death Attack with Wannes/Pentacle, Putrilage, Godless Truth, Rebaellium, Pyaemia, Embedded, Fleshtized, Thornspawn, Sinister, Sanatorium, Incantation,


Pig Destroyer and a report from LU Death Fest 2001 + tons of CD and Vinyl reviews!

Helping hands: Michael Eden(Tears of Decay), Alf Kluge(Fearer), Leif Timm, Frank Stöver, Karim Daire Sorry sold out!!!

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Issue 2

Issue 2 72 pages on high-glossy paper, written in german

Interviews: Massacre(US), Beheaded, Goreaphobia, Possessed, Crematory(SWE), Aborted, Necroflesh, Martire, Exhumed, Cryptopsy, Nunslaughter, Impetigo, Brodequin, Cinerary ans a lot of Vinyl and CD reviews

PLUS Suffocation and Nunslaughter Poster!

Helping hands: Leif Timm, Alf Kluge(Fearer), Michael Eden(Tears of Decay) , Frank Stöver, Costa Stoios

Price: 2,50 € + Postage

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Issue 1

Issue 1 68 pages on high-glossy paper, written in german!

Interviews: Mortician, Necrophagia, Cannibal Corpse, Infamy, Dismember, Suicidal Winds, Angel Corpse(RIP), Sabbat, Desaster, In Aeternum, Deranged, Centurian, Fermento, Slaughter Lord, Regurgitation, Zemial, Disgorge(US), Sacrifice, Pentacle, Thorium and a report about The Tales of the Macabre editor Costa Stoios and of course a lot of Vinyl and CD reviews. Helping hands: Jarnvidr (Cothurnus), Frank Stöver, Occulto(Desaster)

Price: 2,50 € + Postage

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